Don Marostica's History
of "Public Service"

The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone
(former Loveland City Councilman now State House District 51 Rep.
as profiled in LovelandPolitics Archived Page)
During his time on the Loveland City Council, Don Marostica was able to benefit his company in different ways
through his own "public service."  We call him the "self licking ice cream cone" because Marostica not only
lobbied the Council to benefit various development projects but actually  obtained a blanket waiver from the
conflict of interest laws but other times he pretended as though he didn't even know his own limited liabilty
company's customers and associates.

On June 1, 2004 the Loveland City Attorney informed the Loveland City Council in a written memorandum that
Marostica requested a "waiver" from City Code Section 2.14.015 that prohibits a member of the City Council
from having a "substantial financial interest" in any contract with the City. has obtained
a copy of that document from City records that you can review here online.  
City attorney memorandum of
June 1, 2004. If you would like to read the resolution language, click here.

According to City of Loveland records, the City Council (including Marostica) subsiquently passed a resolution
allowing Marostica's company to receive money from Loveland for his own project, Boise Village.  That
contract gave Marostica's company a subsidy by paying them a "20%" increase in the size of the streets and
infrastructure associated with the project.

One of Marostica's companies, Loveland Commercial, advertises that their extra-ordinary access to the
"public" process is why they can do things other companies cannot.  You can go to their website (sorry - this webpage was removed by Loveland
Commercial, LLC following the posting of this story)
and read it for yourself.  As of June 2006 the site still
advertised Marostica as a City Council Member and talks about his "excellent rapport" with City of Loveland
staff and Planning Commission - apparently available to partners and clients.

Marostica also sought and received exemptions to the conflict of interest laws to vote on street improvements
benefiting Taft Carlisle, LLC among other general exemptions we still haven't reviewed.

The Waterford Apartment Debacle - Marostica's Vision
(later phases of the project have now gone bankrupt but built in and about flood zones re-zoned for
Marostica by fellow city councilors after he purchased the cheap property)

When the multi-million dollar developer, Brisben of Ohio, asked the Loveland City Council to ignore (or
give-up) over $600,000 in city fees for the Waterford Apartment project, Don Marostica spoke in support of
the last minute request to help the project come together.  What he failed to disclose to the public and possibly
some of his colleagues, was the fact he started the Waterford Apartment project and is the one responsible for
developing the land.

When a member of the public protested to the fee waiver because of Brisben's poor reputation in other
communities, Marostica asked for more information while exchanging emails with the Loveland resident at the
break. has a copy of an email Marostica sent the individual which said "I will be doing
some research on Brisben over the next few days and will respond to you once I am complete."  The
information that follows indicates Marostica knew very well for whom he was carrying water in Loveland City

In fact, Marostica was still (according to Sec. of State records) the registered agent for TCM Place LLC, an
entity that still owned outlot A of the devepment.  Marostica was also the registered agent for TMC Waterford
Place LLC, which, according to County records, sold the property to a Brisben entity only months before the
Council Meeting where Marostica pretended not to be familiar with the developer.

Researching the Larimer County Records, has put together a
map from those records
demonstrating the complicated web of how Brisben, over time, purchased the Waterford Apartment project
from Marostica's entities.  It doesn't take a genius to conclude Marostica may have used his Council position to
promise fee waivers, subsidies and general support for the project by using his "excellent rapport" with City
Hall which he advertises on his company website.  The property's value was increased significantly after
Marostica successfully had the land re-zoned and subdivided.  Brisben apparently got a good deal since he
seems to have bought not just the now higher value property but an advocate on the City Council as well.

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