June 5, 2007
Regular City Council Meeting

The final passage of the McWhinney Enterprise's request to add
850 new residential units to their mixed-use development east of
I-25 resulted in some spirited conversations and a sarcasm
attack by Councilwoman Jan Brown (see video link right)
against a colleague.  A number of LovelandPolitics readers
asked that we air the video that resulted in some in Loveland
calling Jan Brown the "Queen of Mean."  Below are two
different stories about the meeting Rousey Votes No and
Skowron Attacked by Brown.

Councilman Glenn Rousey voted against the addition and
Councilman Walt Skowron asked some tough questions of staff
regarding the related resolution.  Both were victims of bantering
and mocking comments being made by the McWhinney
apologists on the City Council.  Even the City Manager couldn't
contain his laughter at mean spirited comments aimed at
Councilman Walt Skowron by Pielin and Brown.  However, it
was the City Manager who finally put an end to what appeared
to be a personal attack by stating, "moving right along."  The
Mayor sat quietly as comments became personal and departed
from discussion of the agendized items.

Both Mayor Pro Tem Pielin and Councilwoman Jan Brown took
pot shots at colleagues on the Ciy Council attempting to better
understand the resolutions before them or needing additional
information.  Jan Brown had no questions on either measure
and voted in favor of both.
Queen of Mean?
Councilwoman Jan Brown Attacks Colleague for
asking tough questions about McWhinney deal.
1.  Councils Amends McWhinney Plan adding 850 New Residences

2.  Brown Attacks Skowron Personally With Sarcastic Comments Regarding His Questions
Councilman Skowron, acting the
gentleman, ignores the personal attack
June 5, 2007
City Council News