June 5, 2007
850 New Residential Units Approved - Brown & Pielin Mock
Colleague for Asking Questions

The addition of 850 new residential units east of I-25 as part of the
McWhinney’s proposed “Grand Station� required also
amending the consolidated service plan for Centerra for Metro
Districts 1 through 4.  This accompanying resolution also required
passage at the June 5, 2007 City Council meeting to ensure the
previous change would be reflected in the service plan agreements
with Centerra.

Councilman Walt Skowron questioned the amendment as it depends
on certain actions being taken by the Metro District controlled by
the landowner.  Skowron posed the question to staff whether a
change in property ownership could jeopardize the needed
amendment to the service plan and its implementation after the City
Council had agreed to include the 850 additional residential units.

Councilwoman Jan Brown became agitated with Councilman
Skowron and complained openly that his questions regarding the
resolution were delaying the meeting schedule.  At one point, when
Skowron stated he did understand appoint made by the city
attorney, Brown interjected the sarcastic comment, “Good, can
we go home now?�

Loveland’s City Attorney ultimately did acknowledge Skowronâ
€™s concerns and admitted they could have done more to provide
assurances that the property owner would act accordingly.  At this
late date, however, the McWhinney apologists on the City Council
were anxious to pass the resolution which finally passed on a 7-1
vote (Dozier absent and Rousey no) identical to the previous vote
allowing the 850 additional residences in the overall Centerra
development East of I-25.

Still appearing bitter over Councilman Skowron’s questions
regarding the resolution, Councilwoman Jan Brown (who remained
mostly quiet regarding the substantive issues of the resolution)
lashed out against Councilman Skowron during Council comments
time on the agenda.

“Walt, you must carry a lot of insurance� she stated several
times in a sarcastic tone putting emphasis on a lot.   Walt Skowron,
appearing somewhat confused by the tone of the question, asked, â
€œwhat is all that about?â€�  Again she asked him with Mayor Pro
Tem joining in to accuse Skowron of needing a lot of “assurancesâ
€� to get through life.

Click here to listen to the sarcastic attack.

LovelandPolitics didn’t cover this issue when it first occurred
but received multiple emails from residents angry with Jan Brown
for her lack of decorum and the personal nature of the attack on
Skowron.  It appeared to our readers that a little due diligence by
Councilman Walt Skowron on an important issue was rewarded by
personal attacks on him by two colleagues, Jan Brown and Gene
Pielin.  Both Brown and Pielin appeared angry that Skorwon
wanted to better understand the potential risk to the city if the
resolution were passed and the property later changed hands –
certainly a question our readers found legitimate.

Councilman Walt Skowron ignored the condescending comments
and the City Manager finally interrupted what appeared like school
yard harassing with the comment, “moving right along.�
Queen of Mean?
Councilwoman Jan Brown Attacks Colleague for
asking tough questions about McWhinney deal.
File photo of Walt Skowron asking questions regarding
resolution before City Council
Councilman Walt Skowron