Is It Ugly Enough Yet ?
As Fort Collins, Windsor and Greeley build more and more trees into the mediums of their
city streets, the City of Loveland, contrary to resident wishes, is tearing out any signs of life
along the medium of Wilson Blvd.

Claims that magnesium cloride was killing the trees prompted this expensive drive towards
all cement mediums.  Even Ft. Collins, just a few miles up the same road, bothered to
place bricks into the medium wherever they haven't planted trees because it is too narrow.

Homeowners along Wilson Blvd. have complained but to no avail.  Quality of life issues
seem to
be given the lowest priority in City Hall.  Residents who once lived on a beautiful road
divided by trees now face an urban looking concrete medium that would be at home in any
cash strapped neglected high crime urban area.

The latest addition has been orange tubes sticking up from the new concrete to mark the
boundries of the medium's turn lanes.
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