Cars Stranded At School Parking Lots
Residents Want to Know Why Thompson School District Isn't Plowing but
employee plows his own residence with school district vahicle
Friday December 22, 2006 9:30 AM Loveland High School
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LovelandPolitics was contacted by angry residents who had their vehicles stranded in school parking lots in Loveland.  Apparently, one
employee of Thompson School District did bring home a truck with a snow plow where it was used to clear his own residence.

We sent a photographer out to document both the stranded vehicles in unplowed school parking lots across town and in one case a school
district truck and plow parked in front of a residentce only blocks away from Loveland High School in Sunset Acres.  The area around the
house is plowed but Centennial Elementary, LHS and Erwin Middle School had stranded vehicles in parking lots with no sign of school
plowing equipment anywhere.

LovelandPolitics did confirm the school district marked vehicle was parked in front of the residence from late Thursday afternoon unitl at
least 10:00 AM Friday (Dec. 22) long after most every commercial parking lot in the city was plowed and stranded vehicles removed by

The Thompson School District is closed but anyone wishing to comment on behalf of the District is welcome to post a message on the blog
with their name.  According to one angry resident, their daughter used the family car to attend Loveland High School on Wednesday.  As
of Friday, the car is still there and the dual income family has only one car available for both parents to get to work.  The school district
truck (pictured below) is clean and parked in front of the well plowed residence in Sunset Acres only blocks from the Loveland High
School's unplowed parking lot.
9:35 AM December 22,
Sunset Acres, Loveland