Don Marostica's Taxes
(all have been released meaning no taxes on these liens are
still outstanding)

The IRS assessed tax liens on Don Marostica for five different tax
years (
1980, 1983, 1993, 1994 & 1996) according to public records
on file at Larimer County Clerk's office.  You can see a record of the
documents online at
Larimer County's website.

On the right are the actual image documents also on file in Larimer
County - click on the image to see the full document. Each document
"We have made a demand for payment of this liability,
but it remains unpaid.  Therefore, there is a
lien in favor of the
United States on all property and rights to property belonging
to this taxpayer for the amount of these taxes..."
Message to Don Marostica - If any part of
this you believe is in error - please let us
know immediately.  We will also post a
complete response by you (unedited) if you
submit it by clicking email on the homepage
(he has never responded)
1998 Tax Lien release for 1996 taxes
Five tax years the IRS placed a lien on his property for unpaid taxes (last
time in 1997), a Bankruptcy in the early 80's, Judgments for unpaid debt,
and a civil action (settled out of court) accusing him of fraud plus more...
"The first thing I will
ask is to be on the
finance committee
because I understand
the numbers"
Don Marostica
Public Speech
Oct. 10, 2006
Don Marostica filed for bankruptcy
in 1982 after a number of creditors
obtained judgments against him for
unpaid debt. Click document (right)
Below are some of the judgments on file at the
Larimer County Court House (not all)

1.  March Myatt Korb..        $1,428
2.   United Bank of Fort Collins   $ 8,630
3.   Exchange National Bank   $ 2854
4.   Travel Place Ltd.   $148
5.   Reynolds Olds Cadillac   $ 6018
Ft. Collins Companies Don Marostica as owner
and/or operator also have gone bankrupt;

1.  Land & Cattle Company
2.  A & D Investments
3.  A & D Appraisals

Other failed real estate venture not mentioned here since other companies
now have a similar name but are not associated with Marostica.
Lastly, the civil case mentioned above was filed by Woodcrest Homes, Inc of Colorado
and the full record is available at the District Court.  Case number is 00CV992
Donald W. Marostica
Tax Delinquent
Click on the documents below to see
a full size version - Archive from 2006