What do these statues in North Korea, Russia and Loveland have in common?
Protestors Who Miss the Point
The City Council decided not to return "ultimate authority" of
the desicions of the Visual Arts Commission (VAC) back to
the elcted body but instead allowed it to remain with the
unelected members of the VAC.

The sudden lack of courage shown by those who supported
the measure only a few weeks before was no surprise as
protestors gathered outside wearing duck tape over their
mouths and carrying signs claiming censorship by the City

A number of protestors even carried signs claiming any change
in the status of the VAC would mean the City of Loveland is
acting like the communist regime in China.

What stikes one as odd is the fact these people are protesting
public input or control by elected officials over the placement
of taxpayer bought art not supporting it.

Perhaps the same people who demand the public has a right to
opine on every developoment, review every government
document (including emails between Councilmembers) are
now trying to prevent the public from having a voice when the
VAC spends pubic money on public art?

If they were people of greater intellect and candor, their signs
should have read "make us more like China."  What they were
asking of the City Council is that Lovalnd handle public art just
as communist countries do in North Korea, China and as they
did in the former Soviet Union.

Saying the public should have no say in art is to argue FOR
instead of AGAINST censorship and the way business is
conducted in the People's Republic of China (PRC).

All the public displays above share the common purpose of
attemtping to influence society through art, using the fruits of
other people's labor without any public say in the matter of
how their tax dollars are being spent.