The Benefactor of Eminent Domain
Action Now Wants Taxpayers to Pay
Loveland - August 16, 2006

On August 15, 2006 the developer of Aspen Knolls, KB Homes, asked the Loveland
City Council to provide the developer with future special property taxes, monies
KB Homes already promised to spend as the result of a previous Eminent Domain
action to facilitate the development.

Is this legal and is anyone paying attention?  The Condemnation by the City Council
of the Hein Family Trust property bordering Taft Avenue at the request of KB
Homes (a low-quality California developer) specifically provided stated the
developer, KB Homes, would pay for all the street improvements needed to
increase access from the development onto Taft Ave.

Now, years later, the developer has asked for a Mill Levy on future home owners
to last 20 years that would pay the developer for the improvements (streets,
sewer, drainage) required for the project to proceed. wants
to know if that includes the property siezed from residents for the project both
under the threat of eminent domain and actual condemnation of private property.

Imagine a city where the government takes the property under eminent domain
and than taxes future homebuyers to pay the cost of developing the property.  
Where is the private sector in all of this?  The property required for the traffic
lanes off Taft was acquired through government Eminent Domain and now the
developer wanted the city to finance his costs of developing the infrastructure
through future property taxes for the next 20 years.

Fortunately, four City Councilmembers voted against the proposed new property
taxes while another four (including the Mayor) voted in favor.  The one seat
currently vacated by Ron Weaks would have been a tie breaker but since it is still
vacant KB Homes was told no.

Look at the main page to see if you specific Councilmember voted either for or
against the proposed new property tax.