Special Report on one Loveland Gang
The local gang calling itself
"ICP" is named after an inner
city hardcore hiphop/Punk band
from the 1990's called the Insane
Clown Posse.
Graffiti Mess Strikes
Loveland High School
As Thompson Valley High School and Loveland High
School prepare for the antics normally preceeding a big
football game between the two rival schools (this coming
Friday) a group internal to Loveland High School struck
with a wave of vandalism instead.

A group calling itself the ICP or "Insane Clown Posse"
spray painted doors and other areas of Loveland High
School sometime over the weekend of September 23
and 24.

Easy to identify, many of the gang's members wear silly
looking hair and often paint their faces for special parties
to look like the 1990's hardcore hiphope style band they
take their name from and distributed by Psychopathic

The band originally was called "Inner City Clowns" but
later changed its name after members "Violent J and
Shaggy Dope" decided they needed to appeal to
non-inner city audiences by calling themselves Insane
Clown Posse.
Fans call themselves Juggalos as do the members of the
band and Loveland's local gang.

On February 1, 2006, a "Juggalo" ICP member entered
a bar in New Bedford, MA with a handgun and hatchet,
the weapon had the logo of ICP's record label attached.  
The gang member, Jacob Robida, wore a swastika
tattoo and flaunted other Nazi and ICP symbols as he
attempted to kill everyone in sight.  On February 5, 2006
he also killed a police officer in a routine traffic stop by
opening fire on the police car.

A fomer junior officer cadet, Jacob Robida eventually
become a cop killer after diving deeply into the ICP's
violent culture and music and joining a local ICP -- just
like the ICP gang at Loveland High School.  The above
is just
one example in hundreds of good kids turning
violent after joining the ICP and dedicating themselves to
the chaos and violence promoted by the band and the
small groups of kids following their music.

ICP graffiti has been identified in or around the City of
Loveland Affordable housing compounds and on high
school and even some middle schools.

The local ICP's art work in Loveland is awful (just
sprayed with a can) and doesn't display any particular art
or expression.  They are known by their classmates at
Loveland High School to use drugs regularly and are
easy to identify by their odd hair, clothes and sometimes
neck tattoos.
Typical ICP members look like
these two youths in this picture
they posted on their website to
advertise the ICP
Arkansa and other states have
associated their rising violent
crime rate with ICP members who
grow-up to bigger crimes than just
Click here to see the actual
graffiti on LHS