Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald Reporter and
Mayor Walsh Go Too Far
by Challenging
United States Constitution, First Amendment "absolute" right, to petition the government for a redress of grievances
The "Hobby Horse" argument being sold by
the Mayor and Reporter-Herald regarding
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Councilors Dave Clark and Steve Dozier held
their ground while their colleagues demonstrated
a lack of resolve during Tuesday evening's study
session.  Jan Brown, who introduced the idea of
changing the code to give Council the final say in
what the Visual Art Commission does, ran for
the high grass and failed to follow through on her

As predicted, the Reporter-Herald coverage
created the expected outrage and protest by
some in the art community.  Apparently, the
protests outside the meeting made an impact.

Community activitsts normally call for greater
dialogue, open meetings and community
participation in government actions.  In this case,
the activists in the art community want unelected
people making desicions with no consensus
from the community.