Loveland Rural Fire District
Lots of discussion about removing Johnstown
Councilman Walt Skowron
commented, "I have lived
in Loveland for 48 years
and my house is still not in
the 5 minute fire response
Walt Skowron's
contribution to the Rurual
Fire District discussion
Is the City Council asleep at the wheel?
Newly elected Councilman Klassen showed some spunk in the discussion on the Loveland Rurual Fire District by asking why Loveland
supports a fire district that includes the City of Johnstown.

Other Councilors agreed and pushed staff to begin considering eliminating Johnstown from the Fire District.

Finally the City Council approved the staff recommended agenda item thus continuing the status quo for another year.  Klassen said he would
vote yes only on the condition that staff begin looking into alternative solutions where Johnstown, a competitor with Loveland for new
businesses, begin supporting its own fire service independent of the rural districts.

Mayor Larry Walsh rolled his eyes at Klassen's condition and quickly moved onto Councilor Jan Brown to ask for her vote.

Walt Skowron contributed only the complaint that the 5 minute response time zone for the City of Loveland fire service doesn't include his
personal residence.

Councliman Glenn Rousey pointed out that he wasn't elected by rural residents and didn't really care about their needs.  After commenting the
media wasn't present so he would continue, Mayor Walsh reminded him that "they could be watching at home."

The concern over Johnstown's inclusion into the Loveland Rural Fire District seemed sincere and is likely to come up again by the members of
the Council who reluctantly supported the measure extending the operating agreement for another year.