May 1, 2007
Regular City Council Meeting Summary

The Loveland City Council meeting for May 1, 2007 was fairly low-key and uneventful
with few public comments.  More time was spent by the City Council in closed session
than open thus providing lots of meeting time outside the public's view.  Mayor Pro
Tem Gene Pielin was the only Councilman absent from the meeting.

The public session began with three Councilmen reading three different Proclamations
by the Council Council for Foster Parents, Cinco de Mayo Celebrations and the
Click-it-or-Ticket campaign.

The Centerra addition of 850 residential units, approved at the last Council meeting,
was on the agenda for the second reading and final approval.  Alan Pogue, speaking for
the McWhinneys, requested the item (along with an accompanying item) be postponed
until the May 15, meeting of the City Council.  He stated that a venture capital partner
for the project asked for the delay so they can receive better financial information
about the changes from the McWhinneys.  The City Council approved the delay without
Alan Pogue, an attorney representing the McWhinneys,
stated two items (both related to Centerra's addition of 850
residences) needed to be potponed to the May 15, meeting
for final approval.  He also corrected the City Attorney,
John Duval, by stating the Council needed to still take
public comments on the postponed issue - the City Attorney
agreed and the Mayor promptly asked for public comment.  
See video clip
McWhinney Attorney corrects City Attorney
regarding process and the Mayor immediately
complies - it is unusual for a developer's attorney to
be directing elected officials at a public meeting--
Proclamations and more.....
Councilwoman Jan Brown reminded her
colleagues that Lincoln Place recently sent
them all gifts (cups) that they should
pick-up in City Hall.  She also described her
recent tour of the building and commented
on how impressed she was with the
See video clip of her comments
about the tour.
Councilman Glenn Rousey read the City Council
Proclamation supporting the "Click-it-or-Ticket"
nationwide campaign.  This is a campaign to
encourage local law enforcement to pull-over
drivers not wearing seat belts and give them a
Councilman Steve Dozier reads the City
Council Proclamation in support of foster
parents in Larimer County.  A couple that
recently adopted a child through the Larimer
County program also addressed the City
Council -- thanking them for passing the
Lincoln Place gift and tour pays
dividends by supportive comments
about the project at public meeting
Councilman Klassen read a proclamation by Loveland's City Council declaring "Cinco de Mayo
Week" in Loveland.  The City of Loveland is sponsoring a Cinco de Mayo celebration where the public
is invited to participate.  Before you rush out the door, the event is advertised as “alcohol and
tobacco free.â€�  This doesn’t mean a hosted bar with free cigars but instead a prohibition on
tobacco and alcohol at the celebration of Mexican heritage.  Cinco de Mayo is the day celebrated by
Mexicans when the French Army was run out of Mexico not Mexico's day of independence which is
September 15.    This is a common misconception.
Proclamation or
Larimer County
Foster Parents