March 20, 2007 City Council News  -

Pay Raises For City Manager, City Attorney and Municiple Judge

Loveland City Manager received a retroactive pay raise of $4,644 per
year beginning from December of last year.  This will bring City
Manager Don Williams’ pay from $154,832 to $159,476 annually
not including the 8% contribution to his 401K plan in his contract
which together totals a new compensation package of $172,234.

The City Manager placed his pay increase on the “Consent Agendaâ
€� of the March 20 Council meeting to be passed with items normally
without discussion.  This would indicate the matter was already settled
by the City Council in the Executive Session closed to the public at
their last meeting.   All voted in favor of the raise.

John Duval, City Attorney, also received a pay increase from $133,129
to $136,429 per year.  The Municipal Judge’s salary was increased
from $107,462 to $110,685 per year.  The City Council passed the
resolution authorizing the increases without dissent or discussion of
any kind.

Junket Goes Unoticed By Local Media

Councilmembers Skowron, Clark, Dozier and Mayor Pro Tem Pielin
attended the annual meeting of the League of Cities in Washington, D.
C. last week at taxpayer's expense.  The co nference was held at the
Washington Hilton Hotel and dues are used to support the groups'
lobby activities.  The National League of Cities is a fairly controversial
group that lobbied to preserve the rights of cities to impose eminent
domain for private developments.

Many local officials pay their own way since local media outlets are
often critical of taxpayers supporting junkets across the country by
city officials.  Walt Skowron offered to provide his colleagues a report
while Steve Dozier said nothing when asked to comment.  Gene Pielin
stated that he learned "The war in Iraq is sucking all the money out of
Washington."  Some attending the Council meeting scratched their
heads and asked, "why did Loveland taxpayers need to pay for that

Comcast Cable Franchise to be Renewed

“The City hereby grants to Grantee a non-exclusive Franchise to
operate a
Cable System to provide Cable Service in the City, and to use the
public Rights-of-Way to install, construct, upgrade, repair,
reconstruct and maintain in, on, over, under, upon, across and along
any Right-of-Way such poles, wires, cable, conductors, ducts, fiber,
conduit, vaults, manholes…..and appurtenant to said Cable System
for that purpose�

Affordable Housing Commission and Visual Arts Commission New

Leslie Duchene was selected among four candidates to serve on the
City’s Affordable Housing Commission by the review committee
appointed by Council.  Unlike some existing Commission members,
Duchene is a Loveland resident.  She lives in a home valued by the
County Assessor at $368,000 in a development North of Boyd Lake.

The Visual Arts Commission will also be expanded by the addition of
the following people, Carol Sarchet for a term effective until
December 31, 2008,  Sherry Heckel for a term effective until
December 31, 2009 and Sabring Smith as an Alternate for a term
effective until July 20, 2007.
Mayor Larry Walsh presided over the March 20, 2007
Council meeting attended by all Councilmembers.
Councilman Rousey listens to Washington, D.C.
trip report by his colleagues at the March 20, 2007
City Council meeting.
Mayor Pro Tem Gene Pielin on his trip to Washington, D.C.
"The war in Iraq is sucking all the money out of Washington."
Loveland taxpayers subsidized the trip to an annual
conference of a group that advocates for increased eminent
domain authority by cities and other local governments..