Larimer County
Republican Central Committee Meeting
February 10, 2007
List of Winners
Ed Haynes, announced, formerly the Chairman in the 1990's

Internal-Vice Chairman
Kristin Grazier

External Vice-Chairman
Devon Lentz

Tom Lynch, announced candidacy

Bonus Members
The number of Bonus Members assigned to the County has dropped to 10 members - evenly divided between
men and women (because of Beauprez's poor vote tally in Larimer County).

Male Board Members
1.  Tom Buchanan
2.  Dan Betts
3.  Bob Lynch
4.  Greg Snyder
5.  Kevan McNaught

Female Board Members
1.  Jeanne Laudick
2.  Lorna Spear
3.  Charlie Gann
4.  Aislinn Kottwitz
5.  Kareen Davison
"News you can't find anywhere
Dan Betts
Tom Buchanan
Kevan McNaught
Kareen Davison
Ed Haynes, Chairman
Bonus Members of the Central
Committee Executive Committee
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Feb. 10, meeting