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Entry for November 13, 2007
Harvest Gold residents were shocked to see a man from Bellevue elected to their Board of Directors with proxy votes he used to get himself elected.

Do you think it is appropriate for the Loveland Housing Authority appoint a non-Loveland resident to preside over a community HOA?  Apparently, they do and may soon be competing for limited resources with regular homeowners in the HOA.

Any comments?


2007-11-14 07:17:28 GMT
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I don't understand, why can't the professional management company insist that the Housing Authority employee recuse himself from decisions regarding a member of the Loveland City Council's company. Seems like a no brainer to me. Oh well I guess we live in Loveland where conflict of interest by City Councilmembers is a type of professional calling.
2007-11-14 19:49:57 GMT
I have been told that this HOA is one of the largest in Loveland. It includes three totally distinct and separate housing groups and should be split into three smaller groups, each dedicated to its unique identity. Let the apartment complex stand on its own, just as Harvest Gold village should be unique, just as the paired townhomes. The vote which gave the city the authority to have a representative on the board was taken last year (I found it in the minutes which were passed out at this years meeting), proving once again that if you do not do your due diligence before casting a vote that you will likely be fooled! It is going to be difficult to remedy this situation as this man now has more votes than those who attended the meeting this year. Participation and understanding is the key, but are Lovelanders up to the task????
--Greg R. Snyder
2007-11-15 02:59:49 GMT
I agree we need to break it up but how is that done? Can't that Bellevue guy vote against us with his 57 votes? How many people can we ever get to a meeting anyway - I have never attended.
2007-11-15 06:24:51 GMT
I think we have only 168 total homes which doesn't make us the largest HOA in Loveland.

Can you please post the by-laws and other controlling documents for us to reveiw. The MSI website is confusing and not user friendly. I think the by-laws only said 1 vote per lot and this was changed so the Wilson Commons manager could cast a vote for each apartment. The real market value of those units is well under $100,000 each. I paid over $200,000 for my house so it doesn't seem fair they have the same voting power for each apartment in their building and we all only get one vote for our house and lot.
--Scott H.
2007-11-15 21:15:25 GMT
Not living there I can't say anything about your situation but this is sure a strange situation. If it were me I would go to every home owner and insist they sign a petition to remove this guy off your board and and elect someone else. Simple as that.
2007-11-15 22:51:09 GMT
There is an HOA meeting scheduled for Friday, December 14th, to radify the budget and to extend the terms of the board members to two (2) years. The members had better turn out or give their proxies to someone with forethought. If people want to change the terms during or after the NEXT election that is acceptable but changing them AFTER the election smells pretty rotten. I guess they figured we need some time to cool off and forget the odor of the last election.
--Greg R. Snyder
2007-11-23 01:58:41 GMT
Greg, you should provide flyers to the community on this issue and the upcoming election. I think the problem is most people just don't know but if they did would do something about it. Is it true we pay to cut their grass at Rock Crest?
2007-11-28 18:17:24 GMT
Let’s get some facts straight-
The HOA does NOT pay to cut the grass at Rock Crest anymore than it pays to cut your front lawn- only the common areas. The term limits were supposed to have been voted on at the election meeting, but because of a few Homeowners occupying the floor so long about Rumley, it was overlooked at that time. It was therefore brought up again at the December meeting. The comment "Joseph Daley and Diane Matthews were hand selected by Rumley" is ridiculous -Diane only volunteered AT the election meeting since there was a need for 3 new board members and only 2 had volunteered to run. How could he have hand pick someone he didn't know would run? AND if all 63 residents at that meeting had NOT voted for Rumley, he would not be on the board. Jack Olinger was not an existing board member. The Loveland Housing Authority also pays the same fee PER APARTMENT that you pay for HAO dues. (Multiply your dues by 57- that is how much the LHA puts into your HOA community.) And as a board member, Rumley has no more control than any other board member. If you are really concerned about your community HOA you should volunteer your time to help out. Just complaining doesn’t help. Words are easy - Do something -get involved! I understand they are looking for volunteers to review the by-laws & volunteers for the Design review committee!
I also hope to see your names on the ballot for the board in July! --Jan
2008-01-03 18:43:45 GMT
Jan - you are terribly mistaken.

EVERY other association in Loveland provides multi-family housing a PERCENT of votes for each unit owned but it is unheard of to give one property owner a vote for each apartment when it is hardly equal to a single family residence.

Councilman Larry Heckel set-up an association that his buddies (he appoints) to the Affordable Housing Board could run clearly to avoid lawsuits in the future by the homeowners.

No one ever told be that my fraction of an acre and single family two-story home would be given the same voting rights as an apartment in that subsidized housing nightmare the city runs.

And who cares if they pay the same membership dues per unit that we do? Sam Betters isn't paying anything - we are. Those dues are coming straight from federal, state and local tax dollars supporting Loveland's subsidized housing.

The Larimer County District Attorney should investigate how Councilman Larry Heckel develops a neighborhood and maintains control of the board by having tax dollars pay dies to maintain his control of the vote.

I am sorry if you really believe attending the meetings will make a difference. We need to first challenge Heckel's continuing influence in the development via taxdollars so there can be a fair election of the board.

Jan, if you had even an ounce of integrity you would stop apologizing for these guys and stand-up for what is right. Larry Heckel should stop controlling our board or in the future build homes where the concrete doesn't shift.

2008-01-03 19:02:45 GMT
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