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Entry for August 20, 2007
Mayor Walsh hadn't even announced he wasn't running when a group met Saturday to appoint his replacement.  Read about the meeting to replace Walsh here.

Troy Krenning is a longtime Lovelander with a background in law enforcement and is also an attorney.  Other candidates like Morey and Pielin will likely be told not to run since the big money is going to Krenning who has already promised business as usual for large developers (likely McWhinneys and Loveland Commercial).

Please post your comments here including any impressions you have of Troy Krenning as possibly our next Mayor.

2007-08-20 23:32:26 GMT
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This is unfortunate. I like Krenning but he isn't going to be his own man. Why can't people run with their own ideas instead of simply running as they are told by a few big contributors.

Has Pielin dropped out yet or is he going to still try?
2007-08-21 06:12:53 GMT
No hasty - I think he is hiding after getting the public humiliation of being the last person to know the Mayor decided not to run and they already chose his replacement without ever interviewing Gene.
--Carol Wells
2007-08-21 06:14:56 GMT
Isn't anyone running to represent Loveland in this election? I read the article about Krenning in the Reporter-Herald and he said he doesn't want to change anything. Also, thanks for you long article about his background. I didn't know he ran for the 51st and later dropped out.

Does he have any experience at all in the private sector or have governments and universities been his only source of employment?
2007-08-21 06:19:45 GMT
I know he tried to support himself as an attorney in Ft. Collins but it didn't work out.
2007-08-21 06:21:29 GMT
Krenning, Pielin and others know the Walsh was not going to run again before it hit the newspaper.

Here's another candidate who because he favors development you are already assuming that he's in someone's pocket.

2007-08-21 12:58:55 GMT
It will be good to get an emphasis on law enforcement in this town. Crime has been rising and the current council seems more interested in social work.

Troy is the law enforcement candidate. I think the only concern is who the new councilors will be after November. There is little hope for the current group running again. It will be difficult for him to find consensus with a split council or to have any real impact on policy.
2007-08-21 13:01:14 GMT
Ouch, did you read the article? I think that is exactly what it says. Nobody is saying that they didn't know - on the contrary - it was carefully choreographed in private so everyone would know who the replacement is before Walsh went public. I heard that Gene Pielin was devastated by the news and will likely concede to Krenning and not run for Mayor.

Do you think it is improper for an unelected few to try and discourage other candidates? I believe everyone with a vision for this city should offer themselves for public service no matter who Marostica/McWhinneys and the others try to anoint in private.

The Planning Commission is appointed by the Council. If the only two possible candidates come from Planning Commission it isn't giving people a choice of new people to run the city.

I think Morey is a great guy and could stand a chance if thousands of dollars don't flow to Krenning's war chest. Otherwise, nobody but their candidate stands a chance unless someone is willing to drop tens of thousands of dollars for a thankless and nearly unpaid position.

It is not development people are upset about - it is the taking of tax dollars from average citizens to continue making the McWhinneys even wealthier by subsidizing their projects over everyone else's.

Morey could stand a chance if he stands-up for developers nailed by the USE TAX audit but against tax dollars subsidizing toys and attractions for the McWhinney's next project.

This is about integrity not development. We need a professional process in this town that people can trust!
2007-08-21 15:11:57 GMT
Wow... Krenning's tenure as small town police chief was underwhelming to say the most. Apparently the most newsworthy item was his harrassment of a couple for minor traffic violations, to the point that they sued him & the town. Loveland, our "city fathers" have coaxed a real winner from under his rock to be mayor! Fear not, I'm sure they have all of our best interests at heart.
2007-08-21 21:28:18 GMT
Yes, I did read the article and to me it made it sound as if Pielin didn't know that Walsh was not running again. Pielin did know.

How can the McWhinneys or anyone else discourage anyone from running. If you or anyone else decides to run you will do so regardless of another candidate that may get support from the groups you dislike so much.

If there is indeed that much support for a candidate that is not linked to the McWhinneys contributions then you should have no problem running someone you favor. All you need is the people who comment on this blog and believe as you do to chip in some small amount.

I keep hearing that the citizens are fed-up with the current do something about it. Or don't you really have the numbers you say you do. I believe the vast majority of citizens are happy with the current situation..if not, it should be easy with so many people to match any contributions that the McWhinneys make.

Where is your candidate?

Or would that eliminate the chance to complain.
2007-08-21 22:05:09 GMT
Come on Loveland! someone else other than a McWhinney/Marostica henchman needs to run for mayor in this town.
--Tired of living in Potterville
2007-08-21 23:46:50 GMT
I don't keep up with city council goings on too much, but I think Gene Pielin could win easily against this Krenning fellow. He's older and more experienced, and his position on council makes him more credible. I think he ran a business before serving on the council, too.
2007-08-22 01:22:46 GMT
Ouch, your question is a good one. It will be true after the Fair Elections Initiative passes in November. In the meantime, the McWhinneys and others have millions of dollars at stake and will spend plenty to get someone elected. This is difficult for just anyone to compete with by as you say "pitching in." Loveland Commercial also gets heavily involved in campaigns beyond just contributions. They post signs on their commercial lease signs etc..and other unreported type of contributions to political campaigns.

You are correct, right now we don't have our Jimmy Stewart in Potterville. But if one comes forward he will be swept into office.

Evidence for discontent you ask? Look at the Fair Elections petition. Over 5% of the electorate signed a petition to reform campaign finance in just two weeks. 5% in just a matter of weeks. Impressive. This is almost unheard of in most cities.

Demegogues like you pretend people against subsidizing developers are against development. This is flat wrong. We want open commercial competition in the private sector instead of this "partnership" with city crap which means we get fleeced and smaller developers are screwed.

Everyone ends up working for Mr. Potter (sorry Marostica and McWhinney) in your world. We think capitalism works better. Governemnt should levy taxes for public services and not private profit!

The City Council needs to represent the public and not hide from them in secret meetings to support unpopular subsidies (trollies for example).
2007-08-22 04:07:09 GMT
Pennie is right. At least Gene Pielin is concerned about the community and doesn't have a need to kick-in doors and arrest people.

Krenning had a couple handcuffed and arrested because he heard they had a bb gun and could be violent. He turned them in for not paying taxes and next thing had state agents with guns drawn breaking into their home? Are you kidding??

We don't need someone escalating conflicts in this town by involving the police and taking out personal vendettas. This guy is scary. Maybe he should be on the SWAT team but not the Mayor.

We civil government and non-violent conflicts.

As they say in New Orleans, build levies not wars.
--Royal Blue
2007-08-22 04:17:50 GMT
Sounds like Krenning is a little man with a BIG temper and EGO to match.

Pielin has the experience and respect of the City Council to run this town. Krenning has niether.

Pielin doesn't need other's people money to win this race. He should run on his many accomplishments.
2007-08-22 07:18:34 GMT
Thank you, Karl:
"We want open commercial competition in the private sector instead of this 'partnership' with city crap which means we get fleeced and smaller developers are screwed."

Government should provide high quality PUBLIC services, not subsidize politically connected developers who can't succeed on the market. (AKA Corruption).

2007-08-23 02:12:57 GMT
How about that Ken Morey guy... anybody know anything about him? The Reporter Herald didn't do a front page backgrounder w/ a big color photo of him, so I must admit to ignorance.
--In the dark
2007-08-23 03:20:57 GMT
I enjoyed Mayor Walsh´s comment in the Reporter-Herald that he loves being Mayor but "the toughest thing in politics is knowing when to get off the horse before it throws you off."

He appears to disagree with Ouch on this forum. I understand some polling by the McWhinneys told them its time to run a new gelding since the old nag just didn´t have shot. Krenning looks like their man.

Ouch keeps objecting to people saying the Council is unpopular. The Mayor just confirmed he didn`t stand a chance at another term and the Council (during their meeting with the poll they authorized with city funds) admitted on camera they will score very low in the public´s eyes for the job they are doing.

Where is the controversy Ouch? Even the Council expects a low job rating.
2007-08-23 05:39:32 GMT
Troy Krenning just allowed a 185 home development of very high density housing that will destroy our neighborhood where we have lived for 15 years!

He said the application wasn't perfect but "good enough." The Planning Commission had no obligation to change the zoning from 2 residential to high density in a small subdivision. This is crazy since the middle school already creates more traffic than the streets can handle. The developer bought a TWO FAMILY residential zoned property and knew what was called for in the zonning when they bought it.

The Planning Commission and City Council ignored our letters, phone calls and public testimony! The change in zoning means the developer's profit will go up and my home value (now located near crowded apartments and clogged roads) will certainly go down.

Homeowners in this city are garbage in the eyes of this council and planning commission. We were treated like garbage. Anybody but this jackass for Council!
2007-08-23 06:01:28 GMT
Jay: You should have watched the last council meeting. The council turned down the 185 home subdivision. The 185 proposed homes were less than what the developers proposed a couple years ago which the council also turned down.

So much for the council ignoring your letters, phone calls and public testimony.

It's probably a good idea to wait for the vote before complaining about the vote you assume will happen. By the way, the planning commission doesn't "allow"'s the city council.

Art: Who said anything about controversy?

When did Walsh ever say that he didn't stand a chance at another term? Why would both Krennig and Pielin decide to run only if Walsh didn't run again? Could it be that Walsh would have won if he decided to run agian?
2007-08-23 12:58:00 GMT
Who else are confirmed candidates? All this site is talking about is Krenning. Are others actually running, or did everybody else back down in the face of developers' pressure & money?
2007-08-24 03:04:25 GMT
OK, Ouch. I stand corrected.

Many of my neighbors didn't bother to attend Council since they normally ignore the public.

You are right, the Planning Commission tried to screw us but the City Council didn't let them.

Why would I vote for any of the three Planning Commissioners who are now running for Mayor or Council? Especially Krenning!

The incumbents may be the better bunch than bozos on the Planning Commission.

2007-08-26 21:02:15 GMT
So why don't any of you ask for the facts? Who was at this "secret" power meeting anyway?
Whoever wrote the story should let on, so we can decide about the so called power brokers ourselves.
If you took the time to really know Krenning you would be asking intelligent questions about his vision of Loveland. I have seen him pulling for the downtown area at Planning Commission meetings many times. He also voted against a higher density neighborhood to the West of the new Walmart. As far as the neighborhood West of Con Ball, the density was well within what is allowed by current zoning. When will the NIMBY's ever get a clue?
Not many citizens have worked as hard as Morey at making Loveland a better place. He has served on numerous committees and subcommittes for years.
I bet there isn't one candidate who doesn't have something negative from their past that can be used against them.
Get out and really contribute before contributing to the blog.
--Longtime City Girl
2007-08-28 03:57:40 GMT
Let me understand your posting - you insult everyone participating in this discussion in hopes you will draw support for Krenning?

Long-in-the-tooth City Girl, calling concerned Loveland homeowners clueless NIMBY's illustrates exactly what I dislike about the Planning Commission.

Hill Billies with a little education can be dangerous. You and your friends may feel important but all you have done is sell-out our fair city to some greedy developers who want to turn a fast dollar at the expense of others and leave messes behind.

While most towns are fighting to limit trashy Walmarts in their city, Loveland city officials brag about destroying downtown businesses with another Waltmart.

It is you old woman who hasn't a clue.
2007-08-28 04:43:25 GMT
I think it is time I spoke to a major problem in this city. Namely, "small town mentality". Regardless of "he said this" or "he/she said that", until the City of Loveland as a whole, inclusive of citizens, business owners, developers, city employees, and, yes, city council, begin to realize that this is no longer a "small town", then the depth by which we will be measured by the year 2010 will become.. "you know, that is a great little place to visit, but they never seemed to look to the future; look how far behind they are now".

Personally, I think the need for an entire "new regime" will become necessary if we ever wish to see Loveland realize it's full potential for the gateway city that it could become.

Having lived in Colorado for over 14 years, we area behind a giant expansion curve that has already struck Adams County, Boulder County, and esp. Broomfield county.

If serious forethought and vision for the future is not taken seriously now, then Windsor, Fort Collins and Greeley will be the major contenders for business, growth, and future revenue investments... not Loveland.
Wake up people, the time for change is now.. not a year from now.
2007-09-14 06:33:59 GMT
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