City Plows More Residential Streets This Storm
However, Ft. Collins still way in the lead having plowed most residential areas by Noon
Friday Dec. 22, 2006
Loveland residents still digging out from the Christmas Blizzard of 2006.  While a
number of residential streets were plowed, a large number were not where residents
are still stranded and trying to dig-out.  Unlike surounding cities, Loveland's snow
plow policy does not call for plowing all residential areas even after the primary and
secondary streets are cleared.

The United States Postal Service was able to drive vehicles (see pictures below)
through neighbordoods in Ft. Collins while Loveland Postal workers needed to take
their mail on foot as many residential areas in Loveland remain unplowed.  Below, a
postal service employee delivers mail on Colorado St. in Loveland as compared to
another postal worker who delivers mail in his vehicle on Chippendale St. over the
nicely plowed residential areas of Ft. Collins.

The employees of the City of Loveland worked long and dangerous hours keeping the
primary roads passable throughout the storm.  Everyone at
commends them for their hard work and dedication.

However, the City of Loveland's bigger planning seems to leave residents in the lurch
by failing to clean all residential streets no matter how deep the snow.  Today's
Editorial in the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald states, "Some have questioned the
City's priorities, but all seemed to work extremely well on Thursday."

Unfortunately, the City of Loveland, unlike Longmont, doesn't have sufficient reserves
available in large storms to provide either private contractor plowing or purchase
additional equipment to ensure its residents have a safe exit from their homes after a
large storm.  Long after the storm has gone, many residents who pay property tax in
this community are left with no benefit of city services in their neighborhoods.
Left - Postal worker in Loveland must
carry mail since many residential streets
were not plowed and the city has no
policy to ensure they will be plowed

Right - Typical Ft. Collins residential
street also on Friday morning.  US
Postal Services deliverying mail to
residences via his truck due to open
and plowed residential streets.
Some have questioned the city's priorities, [regarding
plowing] but all seemed to work extremely well

Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald Editorial (Page A4)
Friday December 22, 2006