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A New Year's Challenge For
Loveland Students
Stand-up for Western Civilization and earn $300

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Following Intense Debate:
Council Approves $2.2 Million
Subsidy for Sprouts Market
See story and debate video clips
Also read side-story about one convicted sex offender who stands to
benefit from the city's subsidy
Mayor Accused of Violating City
Charter, Imperiling Sprouts Deal
read story and see original correspondence
Council Meeting Erupts As
Sprouts Reconsideration Is Denied
story, pictures and video clips
Few Votes Cast in DDA Election
see story
Loveland's City Council Rejects
Repeal of City's Grocery Sales Tax
see article
Doomsday Prepper Heads
Go NoCo Tourism Board
(resigns after this article is published)
see story
Loveland Mayor Refuses To
Release City Related Emails
see story
Competitive Race Expected For
City Council Ward II
read story
Loveland's Council Adopts A Slow
Repeal of City's Grocery Sales Tax
see story
Wellington Residents Want
Loveland Mayor to Apologize
see story
Loveland's Council Flip-Flops
On Repeal of Grocery Sales Tax
see story
Loveland Councilman Hugh McKean (far right) speaks
as Counclmen Ralph Trenary (second from rght)
and John Fogle listen.
Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez
Sprouts Farmers Market Subsidy
Stories from 2015
Bacchante and Infant Faun
The Public's Price for Debauchery
How one man's opinion of art and quest for immortality
influence public resources

see story regarding Loveland's Visual Arts Commission
Property Tax Increase
Notice to Hit May 1st
Larimer County property owners can expect to see an
increase in their property taxes this year

see notice by Larimer County Assessor
Steve Miller
Larimer County Assessor