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Interim Presbyterian Pastor Looking
To Run For City Council
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Grower Hopes to Replace McKean on
Loveland City Council
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John Ryan Keil
R2-J Celebrates 'Noam Chomsky' Day
Parents and local official furious
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Thompson School District Superintendent
Stan Scheer presided over what some
students are calling 'Noam Chomsky' Day
during a Martin Luther King Celebration
Loveland Ward III voters will receive mail-in ballots to select a
representative for Loveland City Council due back by April 11, 2017.

Three candidates have been qualified for the ballot, Steve Olson, John Keil
and Howard Dotson.  The winner will serve out the remaining months of former
Councilman Hugh McKean's four-year term which ends in November.  McKean
was elected to the Colorado State House last November.  In November 2017, a
new election will be held to select council members from each of the city's four
wards to serve four-year terms and a one candidate for mayor to serve a
two-year mayoral term.
Governor's Economic Head Departure "Good
for Northern Colorado
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Fiona Arnold
John Keil
Loveland's Ward III Surprising
Options for Voters
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Rev. Howard Dotson
Steve Olson
Property Values in Larimer County Are Up
Commentary by Larimer County Assessor Steve Miller
Council Declares Part of
Downtown "Bum Free" Zone
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Centerra: Taxation Without
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Loveland Mayor Caught:
"Obstructing Justice"
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Loveland city staff, absent council appropriation,
are buying a new pumping and filtering system
for the Foundry Project's latest "surprise"
Loveland's Foundry Parking Could
Literally Be Underwater
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City to Subsidize Last Presence of Loveland
Reporter-Herald in Loveland

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Loveland Councilwoman Refuses to
Resign; After Leaving Ward II

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Loveland Councilwoman Joan Shaffer,
right, being sworn-in alongside her then
husband Mark Shaffer.